February 21st, 2005

journies begin with the first step

Are people still in here?

*wanders in, looks around vaguely, bops out listening to iPod*

While my life continues it's shameless affair of suckdom, I may continue to be slightly vacant on here. I am reading as many entries as I have time for, but commenting may be reserved for only real life conversations or random moments when I have the time. Love to you all...
journies begin with the first step

Here's the Shizzle, my nizzle

OH MY GOD.....thanks to flametails , I finally get to see how I would write my LJ if I were Snoop, seen here. My favorite lines?

"behind tha C-to-tha-izzut, coz it's longish": I swear from now on, that's what I'm calling an LJ cut, "C-to-th-izzut" *giggle*
"I thought i told ya, nigga I'm a soldier.": This is so far from what I originally wrote, that I'm trippin...
"Keep'n it gangsta dogg. Anhydrous ammonia is some scary shiznit. For real.": ahahahah, no words needed
"It's too bad that my_seasons couldn't help me find a locksmith though, but not fo` lack of gang bangin' fo' sheezy. Locksmiths appear ta be a blunt-rollin' rarity in Glasgow droppin hits.": blunt-rollin' rarity in Glasgow droppin hits...couldn't have said it better myself
"Speak of Faery Wanna Be Gangsta ": My leave a comment message transformed
"Killa - every cloud has a crazy ass nigga lin'n, n every problem is an opportunity in disguise paper'd up. So next time you see a problem, jizzle imagine it witout tha fakes nose n glasses . Relax, cus I'm bout to take my respect.":my humorscope never sounded so good