March 22nd, 2005

journies begin with the first step

Not hating today....

Things that do not suck!

1. Finished some work at work in a timely manner (letters, invoices, and hopefully finishing the waiting list)
2. Getting to tell off Shitty Maintenance Man for touching me
3. Having sex last night
4. Having a door that actually shuts and locks at home!
5. New Lost next week, and Lost Alias this week.
6. Taking sinus medication that actually dulls the headache
7. Smoking forbidden cigarettes
8. The phone not ringing this morning
9. Getting to take a long lunch because I have court this afternoon
10. Getting to see my parents this weekend for Easter
11. Being productive at home finishing a new tutorial (thank you tarnishedhalo for that lovely line art and background tutorial.) AND doing some actual research and design on the new website (which I haven't told any of you about yet because I'm so busy making it...will let you know when it's up)
12. Getting to giggle like a school girl at Craig Ferguson (i swear, I literally bop my head along with the theme music...oh shit, now I have that link on repeat *bops head side to side*)
13. Getting kitty kisses when I come home :D