April 7th, 2005

journies begin with the first step

An official announcement from Susan

Ema steps to the podium: *clears throat* We would like to announce that the hilarious antics and mad ravings of Susan and Ema shall be continued at a further time TBA. We are sorry to cause you inconvenience or to add a gap to your friends list, but due to circumstances that can not be controlled, Ema/Susan is frankly too exhausted to post much now. We have been through hospitals, surgeries, two lost alias nights, the week-long loss of best friend who is traveling, a two day file audit by big mean Memphis men, loss of internet ability at home for over two days, and a rent week, all on less than 30 hours of sleep in over a week. Although posts made during this time of stressful insanity may have filled your yen for eccentricity and hilariaty, Ema/Susan decided that it wouldn't be prudent to expose that fleshy part of her psyche. Once again, we assure you that the antics shall continue in their entirity within a few days. Until then, we shall bid you adeu, and secretly go catch up on over a week of flist.

Reporters rush up to the podium, lights flashing, questions shouted. Ema turns and snarls at them before fading into the shadows. Evil laughter drifts from beyond.