April 18th, 2005

journies begin with the first step


Do you know why plumbers wear their pants so low that their cracks show? Because they want you to kiss their ass just for showing up.


We have had a sewer problem on property since Wednesday and have tried since that day to get a plumber, any plumber down here to help us dig up the collapsed sewer and replace it. Two of my tenants haven't been able to use their water since Wednesday morning. After 4 days of promises with three different plumbers, not a single one has even shown up on property. I just had to call the owner and get him to use his connections so that we could get a backhoe and a plumber. Such bastards!
journies begin with the first step

Thongs are the modern day miniature version of the rack

For the record, thongs are not conducive to jobs where you get up and down all day. It somehow manages to twist into a pinpoint fabric of terror rasping all your nether regions to a constantly irritated state between arousal and "for god sakes not like that!". I'm not comfortable with my genitals going through medieval torture for the sake of having no pantyline.
cheeky wee monkey

Step away from the metaquotes!

that's it, I'm a metaquote addict. I find myself composing crazy entries in my head with the thought, "Hey I could get metaquoted!" Course I don't write most of those, and the insane real shit I write is never metaquoted (thankfully on some of them). And some of the crap that is metaquoted now? I swear if I read one more entry about someone's slightly amusing fanfiction reaction I'll just....I dunno...read the next one?...Althought I must say, getting a little jealous of the fabulous tamnonlinear, who is metaquoted to ad nauseum....although, I do so love her entries and find myself quite happy when she writes a new one...I'm turning into a fandom of one over all my LJ buddies, who though are not famous should fucking be. I love my flist!

In other news, the a/c is like the artic in my office and my nipples are trying to decide if concavity is a new fad.