April 22nd, 2005

journies begin with the first step


I just realized, and this may be too much information for all y'all, but that I'm a little hot and bothered. I was just sitting here, working, listening to the iPod and "Lonely No More" came on with this one line "What if I could hold you till I feel you move inside of me?" and I literally felt all squirmy. Very strange for me. I mean, I'm at work for Pete's sake!

I quite aggravated at the moment. Let me give y'all some back story, my house is right behind a parking lot of a pharmacy. My driveway and the parking lot are connected, so people are constantly using our driveway to get to the pharmacy. The guy that runs the pharmacy is a bastard, who for some reason takes great pleasure in harrassing Jason and I. He's constantly coming down or sending his lackeys to tell us to get our guests to move their car because it's parked in our driveway. seekingautumn can even attest to that one as she was there for 5 mins one day when he came down and told us to move the car. I used to be nice to they about it until last summer when he called the city and we got a violation of city ordinance letter for not mowing our grass and for a car that someone parked off to the side of our house (which wasn't even our property). We took care of that one, but his harrassment over our driveway has continued. Well, today, we get another city ordinance violation letter over Further, my Thunderbird, which is parked at out house, in the grass (but to be fair right in line with the only two parking spaces we have) which the guy from the pharmacy told the city hasn't moved in two years and blocks the road. First of all, it HAS been moved in the last two years! We had been using it up till Jason got his new car last year sometime. And, after that we used it a few times just out of necessity. Second, it does not block the road as it's a full two-three feet from the drive. Even if it did, it's my fucking driveway! The city guy was a total ass, saying that it's obvious it hasn't been driven in two years (fucker), that the grass is dead beneath it, that the license plate is expired (only since Jan. 1st), and that our driveway isn't a private drive. Yet, I've paid taxes on it this year but didn't register it because we weren't using it at the moment.

Of course all of this pisses me off more because I'd already been telling Jason that I wanted him to get with his friend that was supposed to get it (for free may I add) or that the car better be gone to a junk yard. He's being a real ass over it too saying that he wants to move the hell out of Glasgow that he always hated this town and he refuses to pay them anymore money to support assholes that that city guy. *sigh* it stresses me out. I just don't know why that bastard has to pick on us. We don't make noise, we're nice people, we were pretty nice about his customers trying to run over us all the time. He makes me feel like I'm a prisoner in my own fucking home! It makes me so mad, makes me thirsty for some kind of revenge, which of course I'll never do because I'm a pussy and know that making him suffer is not going to make mine any less. *sigh*

Anywho, this just in on PNN (Property News Network)! A suspicious acting man has been seen on property driving an unmarked white van. He claims to be ordered to deliver some carpet, but is walking around behind apartments and acting quite strangely when approached. His last movement was noted as driving around our drive and the neighboring drive, just circling. Residents who have had contact with the man are under orders to try and catch a license plate or other descriptive features. Police and the neighboring apartment complex have been notified. At this point, we at PNN would like to remind everyone, no matter where you live to take precautions around strange people.


and with that, Susan no longer feels hot and bothered....just bothered now.
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