April 28th, 2005

journies begin with the first step

National "Work your ass off" Day

I now do hereby declare today as "Work your ass off to make up for how crappy you were the rest of the week!" Day. That's right kiddos, today is the day to buckle down and prove that you deserve that paycheck that you are getting deposited in your account tonight at midnight. Today, we will file those papers, hand out those memos, get caught up, work ahead, make your space look presentable. We will prevail! Those nasty bastards in the main offices may take our time and our pride, but they will never take our freedom! (wait wrong movie)...but they will never take away our ability to procrastinate to the point of no return only to pull it all out in the last second! (that's better)

Alright, off to work you wankers. Nothing to see here.

(fully expect to see me back on here wasting time later ;) )
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journies begin with the first step

Can I redeclare this day as something else?

hmmm, mayhap I didn't need to work that hard all week. It appears that other than running off movein paperwork tomorrow and double checking to insure that all new applications have been entered, I may be done. What's that mean? Well, normally if I had nothing to do and I had accrued some PTO, that would mean that Susan would be going home early. Unfortunately, no PTO to speak of (I mean really, how much good is 4 hours? That's nothing). So, guess I'll be wasting some hard core time later this afternoon unless I can find stuff to keep myself busy with. I guess I could go ahead and finish all the reports for end of the month. That would be the smart thing to do.

Looking forward to next week when the maintenance man will be on vacation all week. Whoop whoop!
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