April 29th, 2005

journies begin with the first step

Slept late...

*points to self* is an idiot. Guess what time I got up this morning? 9:45 AM, a full two hours after I was supposed to be out the door to work. Thanks insomnia for making me sleep so late after I finally passed over the line at 2:30 this morning. Fucker. *kicks insomnia in the ass*

in other news, had a brilliant urge to write an entry last night but the frickin internet was out because of the storms. So I am denied of ever recapturing those words or moment. Great.

I'm not grumpy (yes she is), I'm not, I swear. Okay, so I'm fucking grumpy, I need the grumpy hugged out of me. Thank god its Friday.
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journies begin with the first step

All you mamas out there!

hmmm...anyone know if bingo markers are water soluble? Or am I going to have to take a blasting gun to the wall to get this stuff off? Any help? I looked on the marker, but it has nothing helpful, not even a website to read information. And I've tried googling it, but I'm obviously not finding the right stuff. It's blue bingo marker that slung out onto a tan siding. It looks awful and I'm sure my boss will call it graffiti. So, help?
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Omg, cleaning fun!

OMG seekingautumn! Look what I found! It's a scavenger hunt for cleaning! Guess what I'll be doing this weekend? That is awesome. (Wait, did I just get all excited about cleaning? Damn straight! It's not cleaning, it's a scavenger hunt ;))

Directions say to: You print off the sheet and go looking. Once you get rid of the item you cross it off the list, and you see how many you can do!