May 10th, 2005

journies begin with the first step

Head smash

Cost of printer ink for laserjet printer: $88
Cost of one ream of paper: $2.70
Spending three hours trying to get a lease to print out after the IT people update our system and still failing to get it to print?: priceless

Edit: Make that four hours now *head smash again*
bitch please

More porn?

Today at lunch I wrote porn. Let's hear a big hell yeah on that one. I'm beginning to think that it's been too long for me between sexual encounters.

In other news, It's 3:00 PM and I have been at work now for 7 hours and have not been able to email, print, or basically do anything. I call this a wasted day, and it comes at the worst time. Starting tomorrow and through the 20th of May, I will be out of my office doing various inspections. The 23rd through the 26th, I'll be out of town at a conference. So I needed today to finish all the pending paperwork, recertifications, and applications so that I would have people ready to move in on the 27th. *throws hands up in the air* Why do I even try? Now people will be calling and leaving rude messages for the next three weeks about their applications. *head smash*

I just need to go home and write some more porn.
journies begin with the first step

Sing along time...

"L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore,
and Love is all that I can give to you.
Love, is more than just a game for two.
Two in love can make it.
Take my heart and please don't break it.
Love was made for me and you."

I can't stop singing this song! Perhaps that's because I keep repeating it over and over on my iPod. Jason caught me in the car yesterday afternoon just belting it out to the song. He made fun of me because he said he could hear me all the way into the house. *giggle* Let's just say I was "born romantic" ;) *nudge nudge wink wink knowwhaImean*