May 28th, 2005

journies begin with the first step

Dreams and anniversaries...

I slept until one thirty today and I dreamed the entire time. I can't completely remember any of the dreams, but I do know that they were all sort of dream fulfilling plus anxiety dreams. They are like vague shadows in my mind, foggy green wisps of dreams. I know that Craig was in one, and one about credit, but that's about it.

a delayed happy anniversary to seekingautumn and theshadowwolf. One year ago yesterday, my two dear and bestest friends married in the courthouse, I as a witness. It was beautiful and sweet, I remember being completely blown away at their happiness and perfection. Like any bride, seekingautumn simply glowed and theshadowwolf kind of puffed up. They appeared to me as a content and in love couple. Five minutes after the wedding, I flubbed up their last name *honk* and felt like a fool. We followed with lunch at the local Tumbleweed. It's sad that I still remember that they had a mushroom quesadilla for an appetizer. At the time it was like the most beautiful thing to it makes me feel that I must have been just extremely happy and overwhelmed in order to find anything at Tumbleweed beautiful :). But it was like facing hope. Hope that beautiful, calm relationships can occur with people that truly loved each other. I found it so awesome, and couldn't have wished it on better people.

In preparation to their anniversary. I set my mind to finding some way to express that feeling to them, and give them a really special gift. I found three things that just spoke to me about their wedding day. Collapse )

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