May 31st, 2005

journies begin with the first step

Lunch and dreams

Already today, one of my move in's canceled. *sigh* I wonder if I'll ever get them all filled.


Had a strange dream that I called in sick to work today, but instead of being a management company, my company was an undercover spy organization similar to the APO. When I went home, Jason suggested that we go for a ride. During the ride, I felt so sleepy that I passed out and when I woke up, we were driving through some strange city. I asked if this was Baltimore, but Jason said it was Birmingham. I was all excited and clapped my hands and said "yay!". Then I decide that I want to quit my job and live in Birmingham, because it was so nice and pretty (oh yeah, there's logic for you). I didn't want to have to do any more spy work, I just wanted a normal life. So what's the first thing I do? I go to some underground coffee shop and decide to attend some sort of music club that would get together and discuss music. Halfway through the meeting, a guy behind me starts arguing the concept of rock music. I recognized his voice, so I turned around and there was speakerwiggin! I was like, "oh yeah, Speaker lives in Birmingham!" (Although I happen to know that he does not in rl). So I tried to be all subtle in the meeting and let speaker know that I'm in the Javiminions, but I fail miserably. For some reason I thought that if I just kept pointing, he'd make the whole connection that "we like to point" thing *headsmack*. Eventually, I just flat out said, "I'm in the minions, I'm ema, emaleythe" and he just said "Oh". So then I felt like a fool. But he started to tell me all about River Street and how they were revamping it and tearing down all the old buildings including his favorite bar. I expressed concern and told him that I would join his fight to save the street....and then I had to go suddenly because I remembered that I had forgot to put my timecard in at work. So I left and was trying to make my way out of this basement like place to get a clear phone signal....Lots of other little stuff happened, but they are fading quicker than I can type.

Strange dream to say the least.


Today is the beginning of the free school lunch program for the summer. So starting today I get to leave at 4 woot! because I'm not getting to take my lunch break. Of course, my boss doesn't know this yet, but I'll be damned if I do it any other way. I've been working late hours anyway, not getting to leave this office on Friday until 6:30 and for the last few days that I worked, I've not made it out at 5, like I'm supposed to. Things are funny that way recently. I really like doing this lunch program though, I feel that it does ease the strain on some of my hardworking parents and it ensures that every child is getting a good nutritious meal at least once a day. Makes me feel like I'm doing my part.


I am looking for volunteer positions right now with some of the programs offered in my town. To any one that says they don't have the time, I say, "How much of your time are you wasting?". I too am a huge waster, and rather than loose all my social consciousness all together, I want to start giving back to this community that I call home. I would most like to volunteer my time with either the animal shelter, BRASS (domestic violence community program), or the local rape crisis center. In addition, I'm working on getting a Neighborhood Watch Program to start on the property I manage. I figure that's the only way that it's ever going to happen. I hope that eventually I will be able to hand that project over to my residents once it's begun and there is some participation. I've also begun contacting community organizations to try and get some material and information to start presenting to our residents. A little community education never hurts.
bitch please

oh nos!

I think I broke my craig ferguson website. Even though all the files are loaded on, it's just taking people to a parent directory. *is scared* Runs around like mad trying to figure it out. What the hell did I delete to do this?
journies begin with the first step

Faces in the Cloud

Attention all (especially seekingautumn: here is a link to a few of the sites showing the demon faces in that black cloud on it just me or do you want to hide under your bed seeing these?

Black and White capture
Color screencaps
Better color picture
Posted so that if I get all stressed in the future, I can just look at these and think, "Hey at least I'm not lost on an island with demon face clouds trying to eat me." :D