June 24th, 2005


They should really call this season "simmer" or "smoulder" rather than summer

Sheesh it's hot outside! I handed out exterminator memos this morning, thinking that I should do it before it got too hot. Little did I realize that even at 8:00 it's already 85 and heading hotter. I'm sweating like a pig right now, and anyone who knows me knows that I detest sweating. It's not just from an aesthetic point of view, no. Sweat makes my skin condition flare up, and before you know it, I'm having to take days off work because I can't move. Life sucks when that skin problem is flared, let me tell you. So I'm sweating, and I feel nasty, and it's just the beginning of the day. I want nothing more right now than to be able to jump into a nice cold spring water fed lake. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. That's what it would feel like, just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. Too bad I have to work instead. Although I do actually have some PTO, but I'm saving it up to take off earlier one week to see the LOTR exhibit in Indiana, or perhaps if I can find someone to go with me, I would actually like to fly out to LA for a day or two and see Craig in person. We'll see.

Well back to work, now that I can breathe again. Toodles, y'all ;).
journies begin with the first step

A few light things to brighten the day

My Humorscope for today
Your main problem? You're not eating NEARLY enough strudel.

well, shit! So that's my problem!

and now for your Scottish translation of the day:
When Ah was a wee lad, Ah was huir uv a farty.

Funny work happenstance:
This is what would happen to me if I ever tried to do it.

Is it wrong of me to find this funny? Snapping turtle bit boy's penis

Omg! No words for how funny this is...heheheh

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journies begin with the first step

Let's go swimming.

The clock is ticking, and I'm one glorious half hour away from another weekend! *dance dance shimmy shake* I'm kind of at a loss about what to do this weekend. I'm absolutely dying to go swimming, although my suit is rather old, tight and shabby, and I don't really know of a good place to go. Last year I would have hopped in the car and went to my parent's house to go swimming in the nice lake. However, this year that land was bought by a new owner and I'm pretty sure that he doesn't want people swimming there *bugger*. I'm too shy to go venture into the city pool. The last thing I want is to be swimming in a community pisser with a bunch of kids. The whole point of swimming is to relax; I don't think I'd find that relaxing. So that leaves what? Knocking door to door at people's houses that have a pool? Trying to find someone to go with me to the river that's an hour away (which was a pretty nasty river the last time I was there, granted that was 15 summers ago)? Breaking down and buying a kiddie pool and filling it up in the backyard? ....*giggle* not that I'm that desperate. Why don't I know anyone that has a pool besides the evil ex-wife? Hmmmm....Maybe I'll call mom and see if she's gone swimming at the lake yet and ask her if she's talked to the new owner, because honestly, that would be the best. It has it's own little dock and chairs, and a super nice atmosphere surrounded by trees and knobs, completely private aside from my parent's dogs and the occasionally fish and snake.....

*dog whine: er er errrrr*

One of these days, when I finally own a house, the first home improvement I'm doing is adding a pool. I LOVE to swim, and I think it would be worth all the cost and bother of chemicals, testing, cleaning, etc. just to have my own pool. Yes, my lovelies, it would.

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journies begin with the first step

I rock!!!

Lookee what came in the mail!!!!!

Guess that confirms that I'll be heading to my parent's house this weekend ;) (so that I can tape these albums from their record player)....Woot!

I'm King of the world

Aaaaaaaaaaand I have a hair appointment for 9 AM, yay!
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