June 28th, 2005

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okay, I'll make this quick as I'm really busy closing this place out for my company, but I wanted to update. The new company has not made me an offer. They keep saying that, "you have the job" , but they've never told me salary, benefits, changes, anything. When I told them that I needed more than "you'll be here" they said, "I'll call you in a week." Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I work for a different company and our job is finished here on Thursday, calling me in a week simply won't do, as I'll be GONE! So, I have bad feelings about this company, and although I do not live my life through my gut, my gut is rarely wrong on such things, and in this case is severly worried about this new company. They just seem shady to me. And though I encourage risk-taking, when I'm risking my very livelihood on a whim and a promise....let's just say, no. So I petitioned my current company to find me another position. And they've made an offer of one. It's a demotion to an assistant manager, but it's spread over four properties.

It's 200 units total
I'll have two bosses
I'll add 8 hours of driving time to my work week
The gas cost will run me around $125 dollars more every two weeks
I won't be able to be as loose and easy with my hours
I'll have to get up at least an hour earlier
I won't have my own personal desk/office

I know both of the bosses, and get along with them fine
I'm already trained
I get to wash my hands of the current property and residents
None of the new residents will know where I live or my phone number
I finally can have my nights and weekend free of the pager
I won't be the one that Memphis is yelling at
I won't receive the brunt of the responsibility
I can screw the new owners before they screw me
I won't have to work with the MMFH
It will be much easier to walk away from this job when I go back to school
It should be more money (but that will just cover gas)

So I'm 98% sure that I'm taking the job with my current company. *sigh* But I will miss some of my residents here. I'll miss my sweet little gerber baby William, who I've watched grown up in three years into the most precocious little man. I'll miss seeing my Catherine and Wolf every day :(. I'll miss laughing along with the old man Marshall, who though he's 80 years old can still sweet talk me to death every morning. I'll miss Beverly, who's brought me peace during times of turmoil, and Mary who used to fill my office with sweets. I'll miss Dexter who chided me and pulled pranks on me like a pestering little brother. *huge sigh* It will be sad to leave....and yet, not sad in so many ways. It's a new adventure, of sorts, for me and everyone on this property. I wish them all the best.