July 21st, 2005

journies begin with the first step


Do you remember my post yesterday about getting two messages intercepted at Craig Ferguson for carrying a virus? Well as of now, I've had 7 viruses (all of them a Worm called "Some Fool") intercepted from 6 different addresses. Someone has it out for me. What's up with that?

From doing some research on this worm, it seems that it replaces your owner info to "Some fool owns this". How very amusing *rolling eyes*. Thank god for email scanners.
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boooooooooooooooooooored. so very very bored right now and I have no one to call and nothing to do. I wish I was home.


So I finally broke down and wore some real cute shoes I bought in May to work. And now they are shucked off sitting by my desk because they have managed to rub the largest blister on my foot. Bastard shoes. Too bad they are so freaking cute. I need to find a bandaid or I shall be walking barefoot for the rest of the day. Now, the hippie in me is excited by that and it wouldn't be the first time at work, however, the work ethical person in me screams about how unprofessional it looks. "here, bandaid. come here boy"


I found myself quite pissed off at my friend Chris today because he brought up a sensitive topic AGAIN and made light of it. There are things in my past that I did that I am not happy about. There's not many, but there are a few, and should people decide to make fun of it...grr, let's just say it makes me want to hurt them, literally. The worst part is that this one in particular has come back to bite me in the ass because the person it involves just so happens to now be a coworker. So everyday, whether or not one of my friends decides to be an asshole about it, I am constantly beating myself up. But when they decide to be an asshole? Oh it's on.

So I wrote back to him and told them that if he ever says another thing about it, that we are through. Completely through. And I wasn't even joking. Part of me was amazed that I could say that and mean it, because I love Chris so much and would hate to ever lose him in my life but I know that I would if it meant not having to be put back into that painful situation.

Does anyone else ever find themselves in situations like this? Or do you think I'm overreacting?


Oh where, oh where are the damn bandaids?