July 27th, 2005

journies begin with the first step

Today's motto

Today I will be smart enough, good looking enough, nice enough...and gosh darn it, people will like me.


Did I mention that I hate computers sometimes?
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journies begin with the first step


Whoever knew that the health department took care of "illegal tattoos"? I just got a call from them and they were looking for a man who supposed to be giving tattoos to people (such as kids apparently) without a license. They were told that he moved into my area and wanted to warn me what was going on. Now giving the extraordinary things that happen around here, I should think that tattooing without a license would not be as important. However, don't say that to the health department, as they seem to think that this is a health crisis.

Now, I have known quite a few people who were home tattoo artists, and I must say that they were extremely conscious of sterility. Everything was brand new, opened for the client. Other things were sterilized by doctor's standards. But I will not downplay the risk to being tattooed should this man they are looking for not be as conscious. That would be a health crisis. But if he's like the people I know? Then leave him be.
journies begin with the first step

Uh oh, I'm not feeling so hot.

Well, running a slight fever it seems and my headache from last night is throbbing. Add that too my intermittant sneezing and hacking cough and I think I may be sick. *moan* So I just requested off for the rest of the day as soon as I hand out the lunches (gloves for me today!) And then I'm going to go home and take some sinus medication and prop myself up on the couch with a full glass of iced tea and try to find The Drew Carey Show on tv. Oh yeah, that's the life.

I'll probably be filling out some job applications for state positions later...we'll see.
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