July 28th, 2005

journies begin with the first step

Dreams and Pants

Woke up this morning at my appointed time and had Jason feel my head, yep still feverish. The phlegm war continues in my throat and I'm slightly delusional. Is that the right word? I called in to the appropriate people, then crawled back into bed and passed out.

I was having the loveliest dream. I was at some kind of college reunion kind of event and having the most outrageous time. I was alone going through all the booths and rooms, meeting old friends and reminiscing, but I was also secretly stalking Craig Ferguson, who was for some reason speaking at the reunion. But never fear, I was stalking him from afar, "stalker-lite" if you will. My friend Anngee finally shows up from North Carolina for the reunion and we're at an auditorium where Craig is speaking. For some unknown reason, Anngee gets all fresh with me, and is trying to uhm....digitally pleasure me (oh god, can't believe I just wrote that) in the middle of it all (thank god it was dark in there). Now in the dream this freaks me out (as it does in real life) because although Anngee and I both enjoy women and we love each other dearly, THAT would never happen.

Moving on, apparently Craig is done speaking and people are filling out, but I didn't want him to think I was following him, so Anngee and I move to the rear of the auditorium where people are apparently having gay weddings. We sat next to this lovely lesbian couple who were with one of their moms. They were fighting. The mom was saying it was a travesty and so on, but the daughter basically gave her a what for and told her that if she didn't like it that she should leave. The mom stays and their wedding ceremony was beautiful. The mom watched and began smiling and crying. I was so touched!

Anngee and I sneak out of the ceremony at that point so that I can continue stalking Craig. Which I do successfully enough to get invited by Craig to come to some bruncheon that he's going to. I, of course, go with him and we were having a fantastic conversation over eggs when I have to go and put my hand on his leg. Craig smiles really big and tells me that I might not want to do that. By this point, I'd already told him that I love him and that I watch and tape him every night and that he's fantastic...blah blah blah glowy stuff that wouldn't make a difference in real life. But when he says for me to not touch his leg, it's like I know that he really does want me to touch his leg. So I start rubbing his leg, and then I start rubbing not his leg, things were going soooooooo swimmingly and then....

and then seekingautumn called. I love you girl, but that had to be some bad timing :D. For god's sake, I was feeling up Craig's monster! I tried to go back to sleep to recapture it, but no go...Falling back to sleep brought me to a huge lovely house that was supposed to be my friend Elizabeth's house and as I was having trouble getting the computer to work, I called down my work's IT guy and then started to get fresh with him. Noooooooooooooooo, I don't want to be fresh with him!

*sigh* I get more sex in my dreams than ever in real life, what gives?


in other news, the post man just delivered my PANTS shirt, which I'm happily wearing like the good cheeky monkey that I am. I'd take a picture and post it, except I can't find the camera. Rest assured though, it looks like this:

only without the man. hehehe
journies begin with the first step

Layout change and song downloads forced upon you all.

Changed my layout again. Now that I know how to do this fancy stuff, I'll be changing constantly too :D. Finally got all the other kinks worked out that I couldn't figure out, and sporting a new banner! Woot! All in all, amazing work for the dizzy girl on the left.

The lyrics on the banner are from Robert Downey Jr's song "Details". If you haven't heard his album The Futurist, you must go get it! Here, I'll get you started. These two songs are of the best, and Man Like Me makes me want to hug him:

Man Like Me

Now go listen! If you don't like it, no you can not sue me :D