August 30th, 2005

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Is it Friday yet?

Remaining "to do" list

I'm going to be working in Scottsville for the last two days of this week :(. The only selling point is that Johnny and I will be reunited (he's my angelic maintenance man that my company stole to give me MMFH). My company is going to have me going to Scottsville two days a week at least through September :(. Which means that my schedule for the other four properties is going to be all screwed up (not to mention that I'm going to have no freaking clue where the hell I'm working each day *grrrrr*).

I'm starting to feel like the plastic bag in American Beauty just being blown whereever the company wind decides to blow me except instead of being a beautiful dance I look a lot like Elaine from Seinfeld doing her weird jerky/kicky/pointing epileptic dance.

There, that's your freaking imagery for this morning :).


I've been compiling all the results from The Great Informal Sleep Survey yesterday and today and will publish my findings shortly. Some of them totally met my expectations while others were quite surprising. And of course someone (not naming names, but you know who you are) skewed the age results by saying they were 13-18 yrs old ;). But that's ok, it was the "Informal" Sleep Survey.

Edit: Results are here


Rain is still just hammering away here and I've seen Foamy's lastest rant.


We've got a little situation going on with some children in our neighborhood. We came home Sunday night to find these two children on bikes and scooters running off our porch and staring at us. When we got out of our car, they sped away really fast. We asked our duplex neighbor if he knew what was going on, and supposedly on Saturday (when we were out all day), the same two children were there and were asking about our 50 gal fishtank which is out on the porch (empty at the moment). Apparently, those bastard children told our neighbor and Jason's friend (who was also there) that they were "going to have that fish tank". *eyebrows raise* Now Jason is absolutely horrible about leaving shit outside (power tools, whatever his latest project is, etc) and I've been telling him for awhile that he's just asking for it to be taken. But our fishtank? Oh hell no! Now this tank is way to heavy for those children to pick up on their own (even empty) so that means either they are going to get someone else to steal it for them, or I could totally see them getting pissed off and just breaking it for the hell of it. So last night, Jason pulled in everything from outside, including the tank. Meanwhile, I'm incredibly pissed off because we shouldn't have to do this. I don't understand when people began to feel that they are entitled to everything. And now I'm worried about my stuff on the front porch because I have a nice little display of gnomes and a gargoyle, mushrooms, plants and plant stands and I'd sooner kill someone than have them steal or damage it. And to think that we live in a nice neighborhood too! This just goes to prove my point that it's not the neighborhood that makes a place ghetto, but the people who inhabit it.

I swear to you though. Should anything happen to my house or belongings, I'm marching down to their parent's house and having some words and if that's not effective, police will be called.

I so need to move.


Off to put put putter around. You know days at work aren't as much fun when you didn't go to sleep hearing Craig Ferguson. *sigh*
just reporting

The study results

What I find interesting about this study is that there seems to be some definite splits in the answers, some expected while not so much expected on others. Also interesting to me is that in most of the questions, I actually have the aberrant answer whether that be split by age, sex, or overall (and here I was feeling all normal for about two seconds).

So what are my conclusions from this study?
1) Men are very resistant to change in sleep habits, whether due to their nature or sex it is unknown. But for the majority, the men in our study did not often change positions, sides, or be open to any of the "sometimes" or "depends" answers. However, women were not much different (although there did seem to be more variety).
-mostly I'm blaming this on the extremely tiny male sampling that was involved in
this "informal" study as more male participation would most certainly have made the conclusions
more valid.
2)People of all ages and sexes enjoyed being comforted by "hugging" something begging the question as to whether this is a built-in mechanism for the human race. This finding warrants more study.
3)The older you are, the more prone your sleep habits are to changing. I tended to get more variety of percentages as the ages progressed (although this also warrants more study due to the small number of sampling from people aged 35 and up). I guarantee however, that this is most likely due to the changing relationship status of older individuals, whereas the younger members of the survey have most likely had little experience in dealing with another person's sleep habits.
4) We're all pretty individual on our habits and reasoning behind it.
-prior to the study, I'd always theorized that most people would sleep on the left side of
their body because it is easier for digestion and stomach ailments (despite the studies that
show that it puts some strain on the heart). However the study showed that people are quite
fond of the right side instead, which I found most interesting.
-I also had theorized that most people do not prefer to be "tucked in" but rather sleep more
naturally. This was confirmed in this study, making me ask why then everyone is so crazy
about wanting to make beds every morning. Doesn't make sense does it?

That's it for my observations, but you guys are welcome to discuss or bring up any other points that you may see. Frankly, I'm sure most of you will be happy to see that you are normal. I'll just go over there to my aberrant corner now.

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I came home, washed dishes, made dinner for myself, and made cookies for myself.

I have eaten too many cookies.
journies begin with the first step

Please, a second hundredth chance?

I am sorry. All I do is spout anger and frustration now and I've made you mad, alienated you. I don't know how to cure it and every time I open my mouth more poison comes out. I want to be better. Sometimes I just feel so socially inept that I don't know how to change my train wreck of relationships while they are still at the point where they can be saved. What do I need to say to you?

I feel like you're pulling back and I know I've been a large reason why. Don't retreat! Please, let's fix this! I don't know what I'd do without you in my life and though I can be totally hateful and seemingly completely self-absorbed, I do think of you constantly with fondness and concern. It's just my stupid mouth.

So let me tape my mouth shut and be there for you. I don't want to talk about me anymore. Please help me to help you. Tell me what you need, I'm too ridiculous to comprehend without you telling me. Yes, I am that stupid sometimes, don't argue with me. And don't say it's ok, not this time. Don't tell me I didn't do it, when I just know that I did. Even when you say "it's not you" I still beat myself up over it. Even when I believe you when you say "it's not you", I torture myself because then it just shows how socially inept I am.

Let me fix it, please? You're the closest person to me, don't let me ruin it.