September 2nd, 2005


Out of gas

Thank you for all the hugs and love yesterday. To clarify, I wasn't saying that everything was my fault, but that the things that I was being yelled at for yesterday was my fault. Not taking the blame for everything, but it is my fault that those two residents had not yet been moved out due to my lazy assness of not filing the court date.


Last night was the first night of training for my volunteer position. It was just three of us there, so it will be a pretty small comfortable group by the end of training. We had to fill out a ton of paperwork and go through the introduction information like "disclosure policies" and "volunteer policies". Not a very interesting session, but at least it's a start.


Today's work is going along too quickly for the amount of work that I've actually got done. Everything is still in chaos at this particular property due to the hasty exit of the previous manager and the amount of work that was left pending by her. It appears that she didn't feel comfortable doing most of the paperwork that there is to do concerning a government funded housing complex. Lucky for me, most of that has been handled or is being handled by the other manager who is covering this property with me. However, the amount of work to do otherwise continues steadily on.


Been having people call me frantically today to tell me that everywhere is out of gas around us. I'm stuck wondering what exactly I'm going to do if I run out of gas and no one has any. If I don't work, I don't get paid, and that is simply not an option at the moment. The last phone call I received was from one of my new boss ladies who said that they were told that the tankers are no longer delivering any gas to the stations in our state. Panic is going to ensue shortly. We were refused a gallon of gas yesterday for our lawn mower, already. They told us that only cars are allowed to have gas at the moment. I could honestly spit on the SUV drivers at the moment.

I'll check out the gas stations here at lunch, see if I can't at least fill back up the rest of the way (currently on 3/4 tank, but you can never be too safe). I don't know what I'll do if the gas situation continues to be scarce, or god forbid go to the voucher system where you're only allowed so much gas per month. Our entire lives would change.
don't make me use myself on you baby


Home at last, home at last! Thank god almighty, I'm home at last!

And I have strawberry cream and chocolate pocky.

How many boxes of Pocky can a person buy at one time and still not be approached for being Pocky obsessed? And is it right to go on a 15 minute educational course on Pocky for the dubious clerk? Keep in mind she did ask what the hell Pocky was, so I didn't just launch into this course with no warning.
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