September 3rd, 2005


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Rockapella is love.

That's right, I'm back in my Rockapella obsession and I do not care who thinks that's geeky. I am a nerd, and I know it. So nyah! (and yes mom, I will burn you the 3 new Rockapella cds I just downloaded (Comfort and Joy (2nd Christmas album), Smilin', and Live in Japan)

My only problem is that I seem to have lost every Christmas cd I had (and yes I know it's not Christmas, but I was going to prepare the iPod early :). I wonder where they have all gone off too. Mom, you have any of them?


still haven't had a chance to read any LJ :( but I did do a superior cleaning of the kitchen today.


off to listen to some more Rockapella. Woot!
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