January 15th, 2006



we had our first snow of winter last night which should have been a happy time, but my beautiful cat Psyche got out earlier in the day thanks to careless individuals and she hasn't come home since. It's now 2 am, I haven't seen my cat in over a day, and I can't sleep. I've cried off and on today and tonight, I've prayed, I've pleaded, I gone outside calling for her until my voice is raw and still no princess. I'm terribly sad, and am at a loss. I can only hope that she comes home soon without any permanent damage. I miss her more than anyone can understand.

Please god, send me my cat unharmed. Send her soon.
safe with you

Return of the prodigal cat

Today before work, I got dressed and ran to the door, no Psyche. So I grab the family picture I made that has her on it, and went outside prepared to knock door to door to try and find her. I walked around the house and started calling for her, not expecting an answer, but all of a sudden I heard a little weak meow. I turned around and see her crawling out from under the house covered in burrs, cobwebs and dirt. I ran up to her speaking all the sweet nothings I could muster, trying not to bawl and I grabbed her up and ran to the door. I had to kick the door to get Jason to let us in because I didn't want to risk trying to open it and having her squirm out of my arms.

sooooooo, Psyche is safe, thank god thank god and all of your well wishes. And despite the fact that everyone else in my house thinks I was crazy to be so worried, I'm quite confident that I worried just the right amount. My lil princess is home and she can lay all over me tonight :D.
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