February 7th, 2006

dreams are not just dreams

Begin again?

Its a day off, and having part of it to myself with Jason gone to the plasma center in my car, I am sitting on the couch aimlessly flipping channels between dishes washing and laundry. I land on Starting Over, that weird show with the women who go and leave their real lives for awhile for one reason or another and live in this house with therapy and "exercises". Aparrently it's a good idea and must work considering it continues. Which made me think of my life. While I've never taken off to live in a women's home, I have seemed to move a lot and do these other escapes that force me to take stock of my life and to go after what I really want. I think that both my life and the show have a bit of a shock treatment effect.

I'm beginning to think that's what my current life needs.

In other news, my mysterious sudden weight loss continues. I haven't particularly been trying to loose weight, but I haven't been eating as much (though when I have eaten, I haven't eaten good for you foods, just more junk). Yet, from the end of last year and now I am 15 lbs lighter, which puts me extremely close to my resolution to lose 25 lbs and even closer to my goal to get back to my weight at high school and then lower. As for the other resolutions, *snort* haven't been too good about those, but I'll get back to cracking.
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