May 26th, 2006

bitch please

Friday Update.

I am such a slacker. I swear if for nothing else, I should get on here at least once a day to document the crazy ass dreams I'm having now that I'm pregnant. Take last night for instance, I dreamed that I was in a prison that was run by priests and nuns and that I was pregnant. We, all the inmates, were supposed to be having a nice night outside watching a movie being projected on the jail wall. However, like many of my dreams, I was doing something insane, like trying to stop some serial killer from killing one of the priests in a trailer. Insanity I tell you.

In other pregnancy news, I have to announce that I am the bitchiest pregnant woman ever and perhaps the most moody. I have been so freaking agitated that it seems I spend 80% of the time lately griping, moaning, and fussing at someone. It's awful. Psycho prego chick for real. And the weepyness has started too. I cry about just about anything that strikes me funny. PMS emotion hell.

I've not gained any crazy weight, only 5 lbs so far, which puts me right on target for how far along I am. This week is week 12, so I'm ->thisclose<- to getting past the likelihood of miscarrying line. Yippee! On Tuesday, I have a prenatal appointment and we are going to get to hear Squiggles' heartbeat. Super yippee! Maybe I'll finally feel pregnant then.

I feel so disconnected to everything I did "pre Squiggles" and I havent even had the baby yet. It's insane.


Hope to be buying a house soon, Jason and I are supposed to be getting my 401 K transferred out of mutual funds and ready to transfer for the house purchase on Monday or Tuesday. Now we just have to figure out who to get our mortgage through and finalize where we want to buy land. We already have the house part figured out pretty well (going to purchase a new doublewide mobile home). It's imperative to us that we move before the baby is born and I'd love to hurry up and finish this up before I'm too big to help with much of the packing.