March 13th, 2008

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Give me just a lil more universe....

the universe is starting to take note of what I am going for, and it feels good. I had a job interview yesterday at ToysRUs (the first one after 2 months of applications) and it went really well. I definitely expect to receive a call early next week when they get my background check back with an offer of employment. The interviewer was impressed, the pregnancy didn't seem to be an issue, and it felt really good. She actually said, "I can't, of course, tell you that I'm hiring you right now but I think you are perfect for this job." Wheee! It's only going to be part-time right now, but that may be a blessing until after I have the baby. And it's with a company that I respect a lot. I am keeping the thumb screws on the universe until it comes through on this. I need this job.

We took lil man to the park yesterday after the interview and he tromped around as "Adventurer Lukas". He took all the hardest paths to everywhere he wanted to be, tromping over mud, huge tree roots, ditches, etc. Seemed to be having the time of his life doing it. And then when we finally got him in the playground, he acted so big. He actually rode the merry-go-round thing by himself, standing up like a daredevil and holding on with both hands. He thinks he's so big :). I only regret that we didn't have the camera with us so that I could take pictures.

*yawn* having trouble waking up today. I slept a full hour later than I usually do and felt like I could have stayed in bed for another couple of hours. This time change is really messing with me still. I just can't get to sleep and then I can't wake up. I hate spring forward time.
bitch please

icon making woes

*grumbling in frustration* it's been so long since I wanted to make an animated icon that I didn't realize that Photoshop CS3 doesn't include Imageready. I'm ready to throw the book at the makers. *cries* now i either have to install an old version of Imageready (if I can find the damn disk) or figure out how to get flash to work with the Photoshop file I've made. Who can I blame for this huge oversight in the Adobe family, eh? *looks for scapegoats*

surprisingly, I actually am taking the time to make new icons. I've got one down and at least 9 to go....*grumble grumble*

**EDIT** so i was doing some grumbling research on the whole discontinued Imageready issue and discovered that they integrated a lot of my favorite Imageready features into the new CS3. What this means is that there's a whole hidden Animation feature inside CS3 that's supposed to work just like Imageready did. I haven't tried it yet, but wheeeeeeeeee. So freaking happy. If I was a kind person, I'd let all those iconmaking communities that I belong to aware of this feature, because scrolling through their archives they acted like all hope was lost with animation and CS3. Let's hope that I can actually make it work lol.
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