May 12th, 2008

sleeping babies lie

tired is not the word for it

gah i'm exhausted! ok, so baby girl doesn't like to sleep well at night and that sucks. She's a famously good eater at this point, sucking down more formula and breastmilk than one would think humanly possible for a baby with a stomach the size of her tiny little fist. But as for sleep? Not so good.

Today is the first day without my mother here and so far it's been interesting. I started a load of baby laundry because somehow we've already gone through every receiving blanket that I had left (note to self: pick up some more receiving blankets stat) and two changes of sheets as well as multiple baby outfits. Newborn diapers are terribly ill fitting on this little baby and unless I hike them up in the back, the mysterious pee circles appear. Makes me feel very terrible to pick her up every three hours to find yet another wet outfit.

As for me? Not as much back pain, thigh pain, or cramps, though they do still come and go depending on my activity level. Breast pumping is going slower than with lil mister. I'm amazingly producing even less than I did with him. This morning I was able to pump out an ounce and a half, but I'm only getting about a half ounce every other time during the day. It's discouraging and it feels like knives are sticking in my boobs. Como se "ouch"? My stitches from the tear are still very ouchy prompting me to believe that an epsom salt bath today is in order. We shall see....

As for today, I would like to start taking some cute pictures of lil girl, though I'm not sure she's ready for it or even up to the task. I may need to wait another week or so before taking the newborn pictures of lurve that I want. I may just play around with it and take some of the simpler ones. Otherwise on today's agenda: 1)more laundry to be done 2)eating at some point 3)calling about child care assistance 4) calling the medical card people 5)giving Sage a spongebath 6)taking a nap (with hope) 7)perhaps shaving my legs so that I stop looking like a wooly worm 8)figuring out how to deal tonight since it looks like J is taking a nightshift starting tonight. *sigh* or maybe throw most of that to the wind and just rest like a sloth.