June 3rd, 2008



Talk about scary dream! I dreamed that I was having a hot and heavy makeout session and affair with my boss. And we're not talking about the cute lil assistant manager (who's just a baby compared to my aging self). No no, we're talking about the grumpy sarcastic boss. Very scary. Even in the dream I was thinking "what the hell am I doing?" Don't like that kind of dream.
cheeky wee monkey

Emo or old?

so i got my hair cut today. originally I went in thinking that I wanted a good ol' assymetical short shaggy emo cut. So I got one, but I can't figure out if I look hip or if I just look like a middle aged mom with a short shaggy haircut. Either way, yay for having choices on hairstyling again as I simply never do anything with long hair other than pull it back in a clip or wind it up and put it back in a clip. I'll take pictures in the next couple of days and post them for posterity. It's the least I can do lol.

Headache from hell right now, figures that comes from not having very much caffeine today. Though I'm working on that now lol.