June 9th, 2009

tomorrow creeps

yay productivity!

So I finally got around to combining all of my music into one folder on the computer. I think I finally have it all consolidated and I redownloaded itunes for the 10th time. Now i'm converting all the files, putting them in itunes, and then i have to track down my old ipod software disk so that i can update my ipod for the first time in over two years rofl. The tricky part is that I'm going to have to either update the ipod manually (as if) or find out if itunes has a program where i can buy unlimited rights to the stuff I downloaded long ago when they had their whole "only for 5 machines" rule. Hopefully they have a program, because I really really don't want to manually update all the stuff not on the ipod and I really really don't want to lose music that I legitimately paid for. Makes sense right?

The whole point to all of this is that I'm tired of listening to the same 7 gb or so of music that I was into 2 years ago (and still am, but i've grown child). And this way I can finally go back to listening to stuff I like on the trips in the car rather than the drivel people put out on mainstream radio now. I was going to replace my old white blocky ipod this year but thought, hey if it still works, why replace it? sounds like a winner right?

It's going to take hours and hours to import everything back into itunes, but it's worth it damn it!

Now some other day when i'm feeling froggy, i'll have to combine all my other picture files and video files into one streamlined organizational system. I got a great start on it a year ago, but have accumulated so much in that tiny time that it needs it again. After that, I shall go to work cleaning the hell out of old file systems and programs that see exactly zero use and then I will truly claim my awesome computer of doom! Muhahahaha! Because that's what I do, I organize and conquer. And then the next yahoo that messes with my computer better live up to the system or I'll slowly and painfully eviscerate them with my nagging.

I feel the need to express myself more again. I'll make no promises and thus make no lies, but I'd like to start writing again. Even if no one ever reads what I write, I need to start documenting again. It's the outlet that I love most, because it's me talking to me:). That and I read some of my old work, journals and other writings and I miss that voice. I would say "voice of reason" but she's not always reasonable lol.


in other news, my younger brother david is in the hospital burn unit from a freak fire accident when he was burning some brush. i'm still in shock and full of worries about it, it just doesn't seem real. part of me wants to go see him just to shock the system, but i have nothing to offer to help him so i refuse to dignify that selfish part of me. besides the fact that he said he doesn't want anyone to see him. i worry that he'll be heavily scarred and that it will impede his life or that his child will never know his father as he was before. i worry that he'll lose his ability to play music, which is the only thing in life that i've ever seen give him peace and joy. and i worry that he'll become paralyzed with a fear of fire. i wish i could do something for him other than sending good thoughts and prayers, but for now, i'll leave it be.