February 11th, 2013

just reporting

And so it goes...

Day 2: Eating during the day went well! I had a preprocessed breakfast croissant (my one gimme for the day) and then packed the rest of my snacks and lunch for work. I actually brought too much food if you can believe it! I had grilled some chicken with Mrs. Dash and curry powder and cut it up for a simple salad with cherry tomatoes and one tablespoon of ranch dressing (I so need to exchange that for a nice oil and vinegar when I go shopping). For mid-morning snack, I ate two small bunches of grapes and a cheddar cheese stick (less fat yo!) and afternoon snack was a fiber and protein bar that had over 10 carbs of good sugars. I had brought an orange for lunch but didn't end up eating it. Dinner was a very simple tuna casserole with egg noodles and cream of mushroom (didn't add extra salt or butter, yay for me) and then green beans with cherry tomatoes. I substituted Stevia for sugar in our sweet tea. I feel pretty good about it all, as I'm being extremely conscious what I'm putting in my mouth. Reading waaaaaaaaay too many labels right now checking sodium content, but once I get some of the stuff I eat memorized, that part should go easier.

I walked my mile on the gazelle but didn't do any extra dancing today. Feel like I should do some yoga stretches, but I'll probably just try to get the kids all homeworked and washed up for bed before crashing myself. And to think that I only had two cups of coffee today and water after that. Here's hoping the rest of the week goes well too!


In other news, I'm still neck deep in Felicity seasons. I started it two weekends ago when I was sick in bed both days and have now made it all the way to Season 3. I sure as hell wished I'd known how good this show was when it was on! Random fact, the character Julie is played by the same actress who played the Pink Power Ranger. Who'd have thunk it?


Jason is sanding the wall at another attempt to make a kick ass theatre room. On the plus side, we actually have a kick ass projector to use in it this time. So that's all for now. This will be a hell of a makeover year if I can keep this up!