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London attacks

I feel numb about the London bombings, very similar to how I felt about 9/11. It's so crazy. The thought that the UK can once again be bombed and attacked. The thought that our own terror is elevated because we expect the same. I'm reminded again of the PTSD that many in this country suffered from after the planes took out the tower, and of my own PTSD that I was in the middle of for a separate incident that occured 7 months before. I was so angry that someone could do that so coldly. I was so angry that yet another stable rug was ripped out from under me when I was already questioning everything and everyone.

And now this....

I feel for all those people and for their families. I feel for the country that is terrified of more attacks. I fear for our leaders, on what their response will be. I fear for the summit. Gonna go read up on the latest news.

Be safe everyone.
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