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Wow, man....

first the first time in a long time, I am relaxed, content. Once again into the green cloud that lifts me gently away from danger .......i'm loving this feeling... It's like no other. Makes me feel magical, always did...like it was easier to pull the relaxed and open focus that magic requires when high than sober.....

'safety dance

I planted flowers today. I can't wait till they start growing. I swear, when I'm doing anything with the earth, I am at my happiest, most grounded. It's crazy, and I swore to my mother after summers of hard labor in our large family garden that I never would be a plant person. But then, everything had a hard time taking in our garden. Those days when I was 12ish were years of droughts. Droughts that made large economic windfalls throughout the state, which is all I saw of the world at that age. And with the droughts came rampant weeding, my least favored activity, and of course it would have helped if there were not rocks in the soil. But now? With my expensive miracle gro, special peat/dirt mixture and my readily available fertilizers, I revel in planting flowers and greens. In fact, I'm most upset right now because the front garden at my office that I worked so hard for last year doesn't seem to be doing well. I created the thing from empty grass to what was supposed to be a nice, formal, officey garden. However, it looks sick. The rose is coming along fine, and the veronica but the other ground cover and my hostas? Looking horrible. I think the frost got it. Soooooooo, may have to go get mulch, deweed, and check the roots a little. See what I can't do....
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