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Dreams of ?

Apparently, I am feeling lonely or something because last night I dreamed (among many things, movie-making, going to school, solving mysteries) that I, Susan Clark, was a having a very sweet, but still very wrong affair with Greg Grunberg. It was very odd. I remember, riding in the back seat of a car with him, which we apparently had done a few times before. I snuggled up to him, and was thinking about how much I wanted to kiss him, but how I couldn't do it because then I would be a cheater. I remember Greg making some comment to me that let me know that he was thinking the same thing. Then I remember thinking that if he made the moves, I was going to do it anyway. Next thing I remember is that we were making out in the back of the same car. Then the dream flashes forward and my friend seekingautumn is there with us. She makes some comment like, "If you two could stop having sex we could finish this" and I replied back that I didn't know what she was talking about, we have never had sex and I laughed it off. Well Greg turned to me and said, "Yes we have, you don't remember?" And then it all becomes clear. Apparently I was drunk the night we were making out in the car, and then Greg and seekingautumn start telling me that after the car, Greg came home with me and he and I were in the middle of making love when Jason comes home and catches us. Now, completely out of character, all Jason does is flip us off and then go to another room to fume and it seemed he didn't even leave me for cheating. Now the fact that he did not leave me made me furious in the dream because I said that if he didn't even love me enough to want to leave me when he catches me ACTUALLY having sex with another man, then he was no man for me! Strange dream logic, but ok. And I was disappointed because in the dream, I wanted Jason to break up with me so that I could be with Greg.

of course all of this happened in the middle of a dream about working for Disney and working on a super secret movie that ended up having ties to mysterious disappearances. Only I was incompetant enough to lose a piece of the movie (in my dream, movies were in pieces like a pipe-eh? I know) and someone else watched it. The disappearances were freaky enough to get my dream father (played by Michael Keaton) and my dream family involved. It seems that my very own dream mother had disappeared years ago, and while we'd always been led to believe that she left my father, she actually had been swept away on a strange cloud which is exactly how all the others were disappearing. I'm not sure if the movie talked about the disappearances or just made people disappear. All I remember about the movie we were working on was that it was not animated and that it seemed to be the same kind of story that all the animated disney movies are (courage, true character, etc). Very strange.

Either way, Greg Grunberg! And he's been showing up in other dreams too, but more as a supporting character. Very strange. And it's sad I can't even remember the sex, which is one thing that I'm missing desperately right now.

I'm telling you, awfully weird dream. I blame the chili dog for dinner.
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