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I want to act again!

Why do I love Broadway music so much? How is it that I can sit at work listening to the Accuradio Broadway station and just be happy as a clam all day long? Curse you music that flows in my veins!

*sigh* Why didn't I ever become an actor? I did plays all the time when I was younger. Even when I wasn't in a play, I was drawn to them, watched all that I could, forced my little brother to act out scenes with me....I loved that feeling of the spotlight, loved getting to be someone that I'm not (have the cutest boys, get to be a total bitch, or a sweet heart). I think I was good at one point, at least people used to say I was, and I did used to get every lead. My favorite role? Probably from my eigth grade Christmas play when I was still in Catholic School (*gasp* Catholic School! Yes I know that comes as a shock to many of you, but alas it is true). Anywho, it was a Christmas play about teenagers putting on a Christmas play (oh, the lives we lead) and how the lead character, Margo (that was me!) is a real bitch who's lost any sense of Christmas spirit. Seriously, a BI-ATCH. I was onstage for the entire play except for 45 secs in the beginning. It was a real thrill! I even got to wear a Santa suit at one point (which seriously sucked, those things are itchy and smelly). I was glowing from that success for a long time.

And then highschool, where I was cast as the girlfriend to (what I thought) was the absolute HOTTEST GUY IN SCHOOL (*huge dreamy sigh*). Unfortunately, all of our weeks of rehearsal ended up coming to naught as the acting leader decided to not put on the play (damn it!). I did little stuff here and there with the acting group, but never got to get the taste of anything bigger. In the summer before my senior year I was chosen as a Governor's Scholar and was sent off to a college for five weeks with about 150 other students from around the state. We all had to choose a "major focus" to work on, and I chose acting, having already gotten too much of a taste of it to neglect that opportunity. Our troupe made a summer of impromptu performances, in the lunch room, on city streets, in public fountains lol. Our whole focus was on disrupting negative space :D. Every week during the talent shows for the whole community, my acting troupe would do little scenes between the acts. And then the last week we got a showcase for just our troupe and the chorus (which I also had joined). I still have that entire showcase on tape somewhere, which I used to watch for a laugh. I had quite a few little scenes, some solo, and I realize now that I generally carried my sarcastic comedy through them. hehehe, man, I should really transfer some of those performances onto here for you guys to see the younger, skinnier Susan/Ema on stage. lol. That would be a hoot. I'll have to see if I can dig out the tape. All this reminiscing has made me want to see it again. I must say though, from what I remember about the tape, it was pretty crappy quality and was taped far away from the stage, but it might be good enough to see. We'll try.

Geez, Susan get to work.

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