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Is it morning yet?

It's late...and I can't sleep. I have too much going through my head. I suppose it is one of those nights where the insomnia had me. I'm not sure if it's excitement, too much caffeine, or concerns that keep me up tonight.

Everyone else in the house is asleep, all snoring peacefully or fitfully talking. It's strange being the only one awake, especially if you find yourself mindlessly performing insane web searches on google.

I've learned nothing really tonight. Accomplished little. I've been sated, angry, curious, stealthy, and jealous all in the space of 4 hours and I find that sometimes I do not like the person I am.

I am tired, so tired.

I'm rethinking ever publishing any of my writing ever again. Granted, I don't produce much anymore, but it seems that whatever small things that I'm able to eek out are extremely sub par. I do not know why I feel the need to subject them on anyone. I suppose it's time to reread old writings, see the person that has stopped talking to me, and go back to learning. Without learning, all creativity dies.

I feel lost tonight. And I don't know how to come home. I'm not even sure when I got lost. I don't know where my mind was the last time I had it.

Excuse the ramblings of the insomniac...sometimes she just doesn't know when to shut up.
Tags: night musing, random thoughts, stuff to avoid, writing

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