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My weekend....

It's been a good weekend, exhausting, but good. I took a lot of pictures yesterday and thought I would share some. We went to Jason's parents house with the Austin. Rode the mule (not the living kind), played around, shot guns, built a fire and made smores. mmmmmmmmm smores. At one point, there was this weird bird in the dried up pool, so there's pictures of that too. And I finally got a picture of Jason with a real smile, not that made up one he does for pictures......so without further ado...piccys!

awwww...the first piccy of birdy....

birdy again, i swear it sat there forever

last birdie

hehehe, that's austin and jason riding the mule....lol...notice who was not crazy enough to be on it :)

awwww....the fire, isn't it lovely?

the real smile!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo....more piccys later :)
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