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Dreams are weird.

more strange dreams last night. I actually fell asleep before Craig even came on (sure hope that my bf left on the computer so that it would tape it).

In last nights dream I kept flitting from location to location. Everytime there was a loction change, then the people would change (of course). In one location, I was back at my first college and I was hanging out in the honors section (which is where I always hung out). For some reason in my dream we also lived in that office building. As soon as I realized that in the dream, the location changed to what was supposed to be the housing, but was really some rundown house that I was in with some woman and her boyfriend. They kind of reminded me of my old friend Anngee's mother and her deceased husband. We were talking about cigarrettes and cigars. I was asked to go get a cig for the woman from her boyfriend that was in the shower, so I snuck and got one but then I asked him anyway and he said that it was fine. I also yelled out to him that he had a nice couple of boxes of cigars, one of which I took for myself. Then the woman told me that my friend Chris was there to see me, and I ran outside very happy.....and the location changed again. It was some strange northern terrain and I was still running outside to meet Chris. And he was there and we hugged. He introduced me to some girl who was leaving, telling me that he had just been on a trip with her and that she was from some northern state. Apparently she was some new internet buddy of his (in my dream I kept thinking he'd replaced me). So Chris and I turn and get on this huge luxury plane, which Chris said was his. And before we did anything else, Chris made me watch these videos of him and this other girl on their trip. The strange part was that they hadn't really gone anywhere, they had stayed on the plane and just flew around. So the video was them doing silly things on the plane and it wasn't so much a video all the time but a moving slideshow of pictures. Very strange. The one I remember most was a picture that panned around showing the two of them wrestling around but in a friendly way, and it had a caption on it of "Horny Feet". I raised my eyebrows to that one, but in typical Chris fashion he laughed it off and said it was nothing. I told him that it wasn't nothing, that as much as we've been through I knew inpropriaty when I saw it. So then I got a little mad that we weren't making a video of our trip. Chris, if you are reading this, you were very cute in the dream, but acted somewhat asshole-ish. Then we docked with some sort of space station type thing, which was holding a contest for above average students. I decide to join in, because apparently I had been taking part in this contest for years. When I boarded I see all the people I went through college honors with and I also see some people from highschool. One for instance was Billy from HS, who I had a huge crush on those last couple of years and who I was really pleased to see again. I can't remember much about this part of the dream, but the first contest involved us picking out some sort of song? menu? and finding an agent, scheduling an appointment and trying to get the part. It was a scramble for people to get the books off the desks to get the agent list and the appointment books. Very strange, but the strangest was seeing that Billy had these weird metal pieces stuck in his ass, and I mean literally. Everyone else was freaked out about it too. I'm not sure what the hell that was about.

The dream got stuck there and I woke soon after...all I can say is apparently my mind was doing an "idea dump" and that all the stuff that rolled around in my head recently: going back to college, high school reunion, Chris, etc... all decided to come out in one big lump. Strangeness.
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