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Award, no internet, Happy B-day!

Omg! woot! seekingautumn, the icon I made for you is now officially an award winning icon :D. Out of 41 entries, I tied for fourth! Lookee:

I'm so excited :D

In other news, internet is down at home :( boo. And my computer mainboard did it's last dance yesterday and decided to start shutting down the computer every 5 mins (and sometimes quicker than that) so unless our new case comes in today so that we can put in the new mainboard, cpu, and fans, and unless we can call the internet people and get them to fix our internet, there shall be no ema online for Craig updates or anything *sniff*


Happy Birthday to tarnishedhalo

I had a pretty picture for you, but alas it is being held hostage on the home computer. I hope the rest of this year goes as spanklingly happy as this last part of your previous year went. When love is great, and friends are true, there's nothing to stop you. Love to you always my doppleganger in Ohio.
Tags: flist love, icons, photoshop, photshop, random thoughts

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