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So I was going through some old pictures of high school and a few earlier, and decided to post them for prosperity. Please ignore the pastel dresses and the Jane Paley hair and also avoid the bad perm and braces ;).

Easter 4th grade ish? Bad Jane hair and pastels, with my brothers (when Dan had hair?)

Easter 5th grade ish? More bad Jane hair, and done in the Miami Vice phase hehehe (check out Mom's outfit!)

Sixth Grade with bad perm and braces *cringe*

7th grade after singing in Choir, with one of my best friends Belinda

8th Grade at Confirmation with Archbishop Kelly(I told you I went to Catholic School!)

Sophomore in High school for Valentine's Dance

In Drama Class, Junior year in high school

Governor's Scholars Program (summer before Senior Year)
(with Bob/Sean)

(drama group)

(current events group)

Senior Year!

(Academic Team, I'm Captain and that's my dad in the back left)

(Senior Prom)


Trip to Europe (could only find two with me in them)

Sophomore in college (Girl in blue was my roommate Kim)
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