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Monday Morn recap.

Dear Brain,

Stop having such insanely active dreams as they make me feel exhausted when I wake up. Also, if you could please pencil in some Craig Ferguson appearances, it would be appreciated. At least with him I would be feeling exhausted for a good reason.

Much love,


This weekend I was so busy doing website stuff, photoshop work, catching up with a friend, making new buddies, etc. I must have spent 5 hours yesterday finishing work on the video clips and updating the site, but I finally got it done and had nine video clips to show for it. *shew* I'm still a bit behind on some photoshop work that needs doing, but hopefully I'll be able to finish it tonight so that I can get back to the next installment of the story I'm writing on, (even if some people do think that I'm too loony about Craig).

Started reading Good Omens last night, and I'm not sure if I like it yet, but I'm only maybe 30 pages into it, so I'll reserve judgement. I miss reading Gaiman's blog, I might have to add the feed again.

Speaking of blogs, what's this that I read on Severed Dream's Craig page that he's going to be starting a blog? Surely she jests! I've not heard that anywhere, and have heard instead his many rants on blogs and the internet. I truly doubt her "news" and her source. Did she get that out of the Enquiror? Not to say that if he did start a blog that I wouldn't be one of the first reading it and would totally be eating my words. And how fantastic would it be to read what Craig did each day?Pretty damn spanky fantastic! *does whipcrack sound*

Well, off to pretend to be busy. Must hand out exterminator memos in the nice 99 degree heat.
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