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Flys are inconsiderate

When are flys going to learn that if you keep buzzing me, you're going to meet a grisly death?

in related news, there's fly blood on my keyboard now.


dream last night was strange, and since I've already read about seekingautumn's strange morning dream, I know she'll understand. What I remember is being asleep and waking up because Jason is telling me that I have to get up because I'm late for work. I peer up at the clock, see it's 10:00 and freak out, but then I decide, I just want to sleep a little longer that I'll deal with everything else later. This is followed by more shaking and Jason telling me that I have to get up. Aparrently, I actually wake up in real life at this point because I look up at the clock and it's only 7:20 AM. I turned over and looked at Jason and he's still snoring. Of course then, I went back to sleep and barely got up a half hour later. Twas strange to dream about waking up.


I can't wait to make video clips of last nights show! And then everyone shall have the love that is Dominic as Craig's "manny". I'm getting a taste for a Dom and Craig hot manip later ;). One that will make their comical tension last night way more tangible. mmmm...Craig with men.

I'm also going to make a clip of the Eddie Izzard interview for anyone who missed it. It was fabulous and insane. "And lo, the men, they stood on chairs and desks and were too tall for the lights. And lo, did Eddie stare at Craig's crotch for an extended length of time. And the world squeed, and it was good. So it is written, so it is done."

Apparently, I am channeling the unknown bible writer who missed his publishing deadline.


It's 10:00, do you know where your work is? *looks around, shakes head*
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