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Whoever knew that the health department took care of "illegal tattoos"? I just got a call from them and they were looking for a man who supposed to be giving tattoos to people (such as kids apparently) without a license. They were told that he moved into my area and wanted to warn me what was going on. Now giving the extraordinary things that happen around here, I should think that tattooing without a license would not be as important. However, don't say that to the health department, as they seem to think that this is a health crisis.

Now, I have known quite a few people who were home tattoo artists, and I must say that they were extremely conscious of sterility. Everything was brand new, opened for the client. Other things were sterilized by doctor's standards. But I will not downplay the risk to being tattooed should this man they are looking for not be as conscious. That would be a health crisis. But if he's like the people I know? Then leave him be.
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