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Day roundup

I've lost my mind. When you spend twenty minutes picking the perfect desktop wallpaper and screensaver and then determine that you need another five minutes playing with the colors of your windows boxes so that it matches your wallpaper and screensaver, then you are mad. This isn't the home computer. No, this is the work computer where it matters little if you wallpaper and screensaver say the right "message" about you. *headsmack* And I get paid to do this?


I'm very happy that tomorrow's the last day for summer lunches. With luck, I can hand out the lunches quickly enough for me to take Wolf and Catherine out to a proper lunch to thank them for all the help they gave me. That would be nice.


I'm sooooo tired. Don't know what's going on with my body, but I haven't felt like doing much at all this week and I've been fighting to stay awake through Craig's shows. I have done the least amount of photoshoping this week than ever before, and I really need to put CS2 on their so I can try it out. I never really liked our version of CS because it was all hokey and the damn shortcut keys wouldn't work, but I do occasionally save my work in PS7 and transfer it over if I really want to use the color change thing (which I still find quite amusing). Maybe my version of CS2 with work better. It's only a 30 day free trial, but I'm sure I'll use the hell out of it until I can manage to get ahold of a legitimate copy.


I also need to go back and write on the story some more. I think that there is maybe another huge part with the hotel and then some other large chunks of what happens next. Although I'm contemplating splitting it into separate stories because I have this fantastic (well fantastic in my mind) idea of how to write the second part and that style will not mesh with the first. We'll see.


Did I mention I hate my computer? The damn thing recording LLS the other night when Craig was pretending to be Cooter, but for some reason, the volume on it is so low that you can't really even hear it. And it recorded the mic noise overtop of it so I can hear my tippy tappying on the keyboard. So freaking annoying. The other time it did this was when he did that funny little Harry Potter sketch at the beginning (which I also desperately wanted a clip of). So annoying. So now I'll have to make do with screencapping and icon making, when I could have video damn it! Unless of course CBS put that clip up on their site, in which case I'll rip the sound from them and match it up to my video. MUhahahahah. We'll see.


I want to take some time to say how proud I am to be seekingautumn and theshadowwolf's friend. Both of them are living their goals right now. Wolf has just reenlisted with our armed forces, a dream that he has carried for the longest time and danu is successfully making progress with her weight loss, something that she has struggled with herself over. I know both of them have had the strength to succeed in their ventures for a long time, but I am glad to see them using it. I wish them both the best, and want them to know that they are my #1 hereos for the moment. I love you too. Me love you long time, five dolla.


funny what a difference a week makes. Last week I was lost and all you guys found me and pulled me up. I know that people out in the world make fun of blogging and internet friends, and they just don't understand it. But I can tell you, were it not for all of you guys, I don't think I'd ever make it through. You dry my tears, you make me laugh, you force me to see that I am a worthwhile, strong person, and you only judge me when I really need to have someone say "tsk tsk". I adore so many of you, and one day I swear I'll meet all of you and give you the biggest freaking hugs that you ever had in your life. I can't promise that there won't be kissing either.


I know it's not Friday, but does anyone else feel like partying? *boogie boogie boogie's around*


one last thing, I'm starting a new set of photoshoping projects, and guess what? NO CRAIG! *gasps* I finally finished the Firefly series last night (pretty darn good, and I'm so mad that there's nothing left of it to see but the movie.), so I want to do some work with those subjects and also I saw a tutorial the other day for Rent and I can't believe that as much as I've always been a freak about that show and the actors that I only have one Rent icon, sooooo....expect some Rent, Adam Pascal, Angel (the character, not the show), and Firefly to be showing up. My photoshoping fingers are feeling itchy.


oooh, I lied, one more last thing. It is very true that I've been a noncommenting bitch lately. I've read it all, I've chuckled, cringed, and fretted over them. I will be better. I need to be better.
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