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Good news?

well, the d.a. called again today. it's seems that the bastard is going to take the deal, so in less than two weeks from now it will be all done. he's pleading to 2nd degree attempted rape and a lesser version of the abduction charge, which means that he will have to register as a sex offender for the 10 years after he gets out. yippee! of all the things that i wanted, that's one thing that i really pushed for. hard to believe that it's actually going to come through. i'm so happy, and yet so, not happy....this plea still makes it seem like i just told a convincing story, not that it actually happened. he is taking this weird type of plea that instead of admitting guilt, all he has to admit is that this deal is in his best interest. why does that feel cheap?......
Tags: about me, rape, stuff to avoid

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