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*yawny* conversation

I am so tired. I should have slept longer this morning since I stayed up so late. Oh well...must find a way to waste 30 more minutes until I can go close the laundry room. I was a naughty donkey and didn't open it until 9:30 this morning so I'm going to leave it open a little longer. *yawn* I could go shave my legs like I need to, but somehow I think a razor in sleepy hands might be tragic.


I'm sad that my Netflix movies didn't come today. I'm supposed to be getting The Torchsong Trilogy, which I saw in college and have been in love with ever since. Seriously, if you haven't seen it and aren't all "anti-gay", then run to the video store and check it out. It's a beautiful story.


okay...seriously, clean up on kitchen or shave legs? I'm very tempted to shave the legs, beginning to feel like a wookie. Hmmm...well off to putter around and do something.

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