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My car sucks

My battery has been going dead a lot this last year. First I blamed it on the brake pedal sticking (which it did) and slowly draining the battery with the tail lights on. Then if I left the door just slightly unlatched, the light on the inside stayed on. Then Jason decided it was just the metal shield on the hood that was hanging down and draining the battery. Yet still my battery dies at the most inappropriate times.

Today, with no maintenance man on property, and with Jason at work over 40 minutes away, the battery goes. And apparently it has gone completely because I tried to jump it off my friend's car and it's not doing anything. *cries* So I'm stuck at work with errands to run and hungry as hell, with appointments tightly stacked this afternoon. I have AAA on the way, with hopes that they can make the battery work, at least until this afternoon. And this afternoon I'm so going to go get another battery. This is freaking ridiculous.

I hate cars.
Tags: rant

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