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Meteor shower

Last night was lovely, after I chilled out a bit. I was way too agitated yesterday, this mercury retrograde has my emotions all out of wack. I'll be happy when the world stops going all topsy-turvy.

I did get a new battery, and no problems yet. Batteries sure are expensive now *sigh*. *peering at dwindling back account*

Went home, watched the rest of Sideways, which I liked. It was slightly more depressing than I thought it would be, but had some great monologues and character development. When that was over, I joined Jason and my new neighbors outside to watch the meteor shower. We had a wool blanket spread out on the ground and we just laid there for an hour watching the streaks. It was lovely despite the boys tendency to bitch that there weren't enough of them happening. Joanna and I tried to tell them that we were probably missing most of them because they had to compete with the city lights, but the guys bitched and moaned anyway. I enjoyed myself anyway, just feeling thankful to get the opportunity to see heaven's splendor.

It brought back so many memories of watching astronimical things with Kim, Christy, and Anngee. I remember lying in Kim's backyard watching a meteor shower once, and being able to see the entire sky alit. I remember driving around for a month watching the last big comet, how strange it was to be able to see it for so long. Getting together on the room of cars to see moon eclipses. *sigh* Those were good times.

It also brought back some memories of my ex Mark. When we were dating, I was in college in Kentucky and he was in Calgary for much of the time, so we used to correspond constantly. In one letter he doodled a little picture of Orion in the corner and pointed to the middle star in Orion's belt. He told me that he always thought of that as my star and from then on out, so have I. Last night I laid directly under Orion, and immediately found my star. Made me happy to know that it was still there.

Didn't see much of Craig last night, but as it was a rerun, I think I'll live. Some things are just too important to miss for Craig.
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