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Layout created by insomnia...

New non-Craig layout is finished and I'm quite happy with it. The colors aren't screaming like the last one and it means something to me. I took a similar approach as what I took with seekingautumn's banner and just played with some images until I liked the story that it told. *melts into own banner* Now that's how a layout is supposed to make you feel: connected, invested, and embedded. Perhaps now I can go to sleep.


I'm wondering...How would one go about trying to get a job designing book jackets? Because that and possibly cd covers, movie posters, kind of thing is where I think my talent lies. What do you think?


In case some people were wondering how to do LJ layouts, there's an absolutely fabulous tutorial on making component layouts here by awakencordy. I've used that one for my own introduction into the confuzzled world of LJ coding. If anyone knows any other tutorials for other styles, post them here (as I'm always interested).


k, have had this Jack Johnson song on repeat for three hours for inspiration, and now I think I'm ready for bed. Love you all.
Tags: layout, music, photoshop, pictures!

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