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hmmm....sexy? scary? or suggestive?

okay, so i started out with innocent intentions yesterday, and instead ended up with a whole lot of artsy pictures of myself. All I really wanted were some good pics to play with, either ones to show people so that they could stop hollering "what do you look like?" or ones that I could possibly make icons out of or use on fireworks studies.....So I thought I'd share....be damned it all if you don't like them....

I have listed my title for each picture as follows:
1. Afterglow (following the 2 hour photo session
3. Evil Eyes
4. Gothic Mary (I'm obsessed with Christianity, especially the symbols of Mary and Mary Magdalene, don't go there.
5. Hat Trick (I really like this one, even though it does have two mountains in it like Fooly said :P)
6. Hold Me(avert your eyes!!)
7. I See You
8. Kiss Off
kiss off
9. Me3(I told Kale that this expression is a mix between come hither and evil bitch landlord look :))
10. Red(I love this one! Gonna have to make it into an icon or something! Notice the fairy wings)
11. So Cool
so cool </lg-cut>
Tags: about me, pictures!

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