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Just a tiny update.

whoever first looked at a jalepeno and thought: "Hey I bet that would go great with cream cheese and even better, let's bread it and deep fry it!" deserves a kiss from me. Jalepeno poppers, mmmmm.


just finishing my website weekend update. Sheesh making these videos takes so much time. And it takes even more time when you feel like stabbing your uterus. Sometimes you really hate Eve, you know?


been a lovely relaxing weekend. With the exception of the phone, which has rang constantly. For once Jason and I are on the same page, and neither of us are answering it, with the exception for a few people. Haven't done much except lay around and play Morrowind, which I have cheated on so much that it's actually too easy to play now. That's what I get for making attribute boosting spells that are permanent.

Well guess I better go off and finished adding the pictures to the gallery, I'm sure the public awaits.
Tags: random thoughts, website

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