looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
looking for the exit

I want some Greek food.

Some nights I really miss living in Asheville. One of the best things about Asheville for me was the Greek influence. For some reasons, the Greeks had really loved that place, and greek restaurants and food were everywhere. I have developed quite a taste for Greek food since I first had it in high school with my friend Angela. We used to go to this great little place in Louisville, called the Grape Leaf ( I think), and I was in heaven. In Asheville, if I wanted a greek salad, I wouldn't even have to pick where to go, everyone had them and if I was dying for hummus, the choices were a dime a dozen. I was missing Asheville tonight, missing the food, missing it all, and so I made the best version of a greek salad that I could at home. The feta is divine and I pared it with some nice rosemary herb bread. My mouth is almost as happy as it is when I get to go to Taj Palace (and that's pretty darn happy). There's not a greek place anywhere around us as far as I can tell. Not even just a little place to get gyros, what a sad sad place.

So new hunt has begun for good Greek food within 50 miles of Glasgow.
Tags: food

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