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Thank god it's Friday, wheeeeeeee!

By the end of work yesterday, my newest trip into the void was alleviating and then last night wiped away. I spent the night on messenger talking to three of my eclectic group of friends. First came arcticnyx, who thrilled me to no end with a picture, and then dissappeared as quickly as she came :) (and I'm soooo putting that picture in the gallery this weekend, you just wait). Then, almost simultaneously, my buddy Chris and gobwash messaged me and they had me for the rest of the night. Chris allowed me to beat him at pool a couple of times, but then he totally wiped my ass on the first round of backgammon (oh it burns us, it burns!). I got to hear him feeding sweet Delaney who was all sorts of noisy last night. You have to love hearing baby gurgles through your headset. And gobwash cheered me immensely, although I must say that I am going to have to find some sort of online multiplayer trivial pursuit so that I can prove to him that I am the supreme royal commander of all that is trivial pursuit. Somewhere down the years he's gotten delusional thinking that he "owns" that game. muhahahha, we'll see about that. And if he knows anything about me, he knows I'm highly competitive, so he'd better bring it. It's on, oh yes, it's on buddy.


You know back before you ever had sex (or now if you still haven't), how you would meet someone you like and just have those really rocking snogging sessions? One of those that when you come up for air you're breathless and maybe even a little dizzy? Man, I remember those so well. I miss those. Damn it, I want a heavy snogging session! It seems once you started having sex, or at least having sex with a person, most of those heavy snoggings are over with, and personally, sometimes I just want the snogging. There's nothing like getting all hot and bothered and then just leaving it at that. My first serious boyfriend and I used to snog for freaking hours (and hours and hours), but we both knew (or at least I hope we did) that it wasn't ever going to get further than that, so there was no expectation other than to just kiss our brains out. *laugh* Ah the joys of youth. This lead through to college where the heavy snoggings continued. I used to make the guys work so hard for it, and then I'd leave before they ever got anywhere. lol. I was a tiny bit evil, and completely spoiled.

Match that with the experience of having a "fuck buddy", and you're set. I never thought that I'd be the type of person who'd have one, but after having one, I'd say it's almost preferable to dating someone. Of course though, that only works so long as neither of you are dating someone. And of course, it also helps when both of you are on the same page and he's not freaking looking for more than you are. I wonder what ever happened to John? (*adds to the must look up one day, list*) Still, I'd highly recommend one of those to anyone. It has all the joys of being really good friends, with the bonus of getting to be intimate and not having to feel so unwanted or undesired. Mine was quite educational in the ways of making love and extremely therapeutic. What can I say? I came, I learned, I felt loved (and did I conquer just a little bit? yes indeed I did). But seriously, that was one of the best experiences for me and has completely changed my sex life ever since. It's sad to say that he is one of the top three partners I ever had, and not just based on technique, we're talking the whole shibang. He was a very good partner: attentive, eager, experienced, open to new things, and good god could that man work it! I'm sure he's making someone very happy now.

But you guys didn't really want to hear about my sex life, did you?


My next post is going to be kind of weird, but I'm in the mood to do an informal study on bed habits. So if any of you would be so kind to take the time to answer the poll, I'd be most appreciative. gobwash gave me back one of my favorite words last night ("empirical" in case you were wondering) and I'm feeling all psychology-esque. So humor me :).

Okay....time to go make up the poll.

I love you all today (can you fill it brimming up to the budweiser level? "I love you man!")
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