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The study results

What I find interesting about this study is that there seems to be some definite splits in the answers, some expected while not so much expected on others. Also interesting to me is that in most of the questions, I actually have the aberrant answer whether that be split by age, sex, or overall (and here I was feeling all normal for about two seconds).

So what are my conclusions from this study?
1) Men are very resistant to change in sleep habits, whether due to their nature or sex it is unknown. But for the majority, the men in our study did not often change positions, sides, or be open to any of the "sometimes" or "depends" answers. However, women were not much different (although there did seem to be more variety).
-mostly I'm blaming this on the extremely tiny male sampling that was involved in
this "informal" study as more male participation would most certainly have made the conclusions
more valid.
2)People of all ages and sexes enjoyed being comforted by "hugging" something begging the question as to whether this is a built-in mechanism for the human race. This finding warrants more study.
3)The older you are, the more prone your sleep habits are to changing. I tended to get more variety of percentages as the ages progressed (although this also warrants more study due to the small number of sampling from people aged 35 and up). I guarantee however, that this is most likely due to the changing relationship status of older individuals, whereas the younger members of the survey have most likely had little experience in dealing with another person's sleep habits.
4) We're all pretty individual on our habits and reasoning behind it.
-prior to the study, I'd always theorized that most people would sleep on the left side of
their body because it is easier for digestion and stomach ailments (despite the studies that
show that it puts some strain on the heart). However the study showed that people are quite
fond of the right side instead, which I found most interesting.
-I also had theorized that most people do not prefer to be "tucked in" but rather sleep more
naturally. This was confirmed in this study, making me ask why then everyone is so crazy
about wanting to make beds every morning. Doesn't make sense does it?

That's it for my observations, but you guys are welcome to discuss or bring up any other points that you may see. Frankly, I'm sure most of you will be happy to see that you are normal. I'll just go over there to my aberrant corner now.

On What side of bed do you sleep on most often?
Overall: right 45.8%, left 29.2%, middle/sleep on own 25%

Demo splits
women:left 26%, right 53%, middle 21%
men: left 40%, right 20%, middle 40%
Age (seemed to have no correlation except on the 13-18 age group):
13-18: middle 75%, left 25%
18-25: left 20%, right 80%
26-30: left 33%, right 33%, middle 33% (interesting eh?)
30-35: left 50%, right 50%
35-40: middle 100%
40-45: right 100%
50-55: right 100%

Have you ever changed sides of the bed that you sleep on?
Overall: yes 41.7%, no 58.3%

Demo splits
women: yes 42%, no 53%
men: yes 20%, no 80% (are we afraid to mix it up guys?)

13-18:yes 20%, no 80%
18-25:yes 33%, no 67%
25-30:yes 33%, no 67%
35-40:yes 40%, no 60%
40-45:yes 100%
50-55:no 100%

if yes, why?
I wanted to try the other side
which ever side is closest to the door
moved bed
I sleep alone...I get bored
sleeping alone vs. not
slept on right b4 my wife then i switched
Hubby likes to be closest to the door.
it's like waking up in a whole new room
Depends on which way the bed faces

What side of your body do you lay on most often?
Overall: left 25%, right 37.5%, back 12.5%, stomach 8.3%, all of the above 16.7%

Demo splits
women: left 22%, right 44%, back 11%, stomach 11%, all 11%
men: left 33%, right 17%, back 17%, stomach 0%, all 33%

13-18:left 25%, right 75%
18-25:left 60%, right 20%, all 20%
26-30:left 17%, right 17%, back 17%, stomach 17%, all 33%
31-35:left 25%, right 50%, back 25%
36-40:left 100%
41-45:back 100%
50-55:right 100%

Makes my stomach feel better
i fall asleep faster sleeping on my left side
because I find it the most comfortable.
Most comfortable
good ear is down making everything quiet
bad back
more sprawling room in that direction
i'm the wiggliest person EVAR!
Who knows?
I don't know...I never used to. ^_^
Don't know, I just end up that way
I have a crappy mattress, so i toss and turn a lot
I am restless and move a lot
I'm the most comfertable on that side.
comfy. and I can spoon with hubby
I like facing the wall
so I can breathe with my head off the bed

Do you sleep hugging something to your body?
Overall: yes 37.5%, no 25.0%, sometimes 37.5%

demo split
women: yes 50%, no 22%, sometimes 28%
men: yes 17%, no 33%, sometimes 50%

13-18: yes 50%, no 50%
18-25: yes 50%, no 20%, sometimes 30%
26-30: yes 17%, no 33%, sometimes 50%
31-35: yes 60%, sometimes 40%
36-40: sometimes 100%
41-45: yes 100%
50-55: no 100%

What do you hug to your body?
pillow, sometimes person
husband, blanket {when it's hot} or stuffed animal
husband, if he is in bed
body pillow
pillow, puppy, covers
pillow, sometimes a patient cat
person, sometimes a pushy cold cat
a pillow
hot water bottle
BooBoo...my longtime companion bear
a stuffed animal, or a pillow
pillow or stuffed animal

Do you prefer to sleep (tucked in, loosely covered, or with something sticking out?)
Overall: tucked 8.3%, loosely covered 45.8%, hanging out 45.8%

demo split
women: tucked 12%, loosely covered 35%, hanging out 53%
men: loosely covered 67%, hanging out 33%

13-18:loosely covered 50%, hanging out 50%
19-25:tucked 20%, loosely 60%, hanging 20%
26-30:tucked 20%, loosely 20%, hanging 60%
31-35:loosely 33%, hanging 67%
36-40:loosely 100%
41-45:loosely 100%
50-55:hanging out 100%

Do you like noise when you are sleeping?
Overall: yes 41.7%, no 25%, it depends 33.3%

demo split
women: yes 47%, no 24%, it depends 29%
men:yes 33%, no 33%, it depends 33%

13-18: yes 33%, it depends 67%
19-25: yes 57%, no 29%, it depends 14%
26-30: yes 33%, no 17%, it depends 50%
31-35: yes 60%, no 40%
36-40: it depends 100%
41-45: it depends 100%
50-55: no 100%

What kind of noise do you like?
Overall: radio 33%, tv 50%, white noise 22.2%, natural sounds 55.6%, fan 72.2%, other 16.7%

if "other", what kind of noise?
city sounds
NYC sounds
The pulp mill across the river

Total demographics:
Men 20.8%, Women 79.2%

13-18: 16.7%
18-25: 25.0%
26-30: 25.0%
30-35: 20.8%
35-40: 4.2%
40-45: 4.2%
50-55: 4.2%
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