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Found taped on my desk (I forgot I put them there)

and with this entry, Avant Browser and Semagic will be deleated from the work computer. How I'll miss them for a day and a half.

8 Steps to Gain Control
1. Change Focus
2. Think Objectively
3. Get Real (Feel it, own it)
4. Just say "No"
5. Make a plan
6. Keep Trying
7. Change your face
8. Write it down

O-Open your Mind
W-Work at it
E-Enjoy as you go along
R-Remember your mission
F-Feel it happen
U-Understand Resistance
L-Let others help you

3 Phases of Change
Letting Go
Transitioning ("Cry for a Vision")
Starting Something New

5 Ways to Bounce Back
1. Have faith in a positive outcome
2. Recognize that bad things happen
3. Change direction when necessary
4. Know and use stages of recovery
5. Help others

Become Optimistic
1. Watch your mouth (ie neg. self talk)
2. Concentrate on the good
3. Find people with the same problem
4. Remember negatives can become positives
5. Tell self stories with happy endings

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